Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Ag & Extension

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January 2, 2004


Committee Members Present:                        Shirley Suhsen,  Bill Voight, Frank Romnes, Nate Delong,

County Personnel Present:                        David Berard, Lori Laberee,

Others Present:                                     Hans Hanson


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by Shirley Suhsen, Chairperson. 


Approval of Agenda & Minutes

Motion to approve the agenda made by DeLong, seconded by Romnes.  Motion carried. 

Motion by DeLong and seconded by Romnes to accept the minutes from the Dec 3, 2003 meeting. Motion Carried.


Sawyer County Agricultural Fair

No report from SCAFA.


Agent Reports

Hans Hanson provided a report (report on file) on business workshop participants and counseling conducted in Sawyer County during the past quarter, as well as business trends in the area.  Berard and Laberee, summarized their written reports and January calendars (reports on file). Motion by Voight, seconded by Romnes to accept agent reports and out of county travel for January. Motion carried.



Motion by DeLong, seconded by Suhsen to approve vouchers for month for Extension. Motion Carried.


Other Business for discussion only

Bill Saumer, tri county agricultural agent has resigned effective the first week in January.



Motion to adjourn by Romnes, seconded by Suhsen. Motion Carried  



David A. Berard, Recorder