Meeting Agendas & Minutes


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Sawyer County Forestry Committee

January 2, 2004


Committee Members Present:               Shirley Suhsen            Bill Voight                        Frank Romnes                        Nate DeLong                                   


County Personnel Present:                    Michael Kruger Peter Sievert              Don Mrotek            


DNR Personnel Present:                       Pete Wisdom                       Kim Lemke                                                                                                                         

Others Present:                                     Jeremy Hartzell     Terrell Boettcher           Anthony Arts

                                                            Denny Gingras       Dwaine Musser            Robbie Raske

                                                            Ken Raske            Brandon Raske             Bert Bischoff

                                                            Jerry Marynik        Sherry Marynik             Robert Fuller

                                                            Robert Hughes       Larry Popp                   Paulette Popp

                                                            Dustin Smith           Tammie Johnson           Jeff Doohr

                                                            Will Bischoff           Jeremy Bischoff            Robert Joles

                                                            Ron Peterson          Dave Johnson              


The meeting was called to order at 9:30 a.m.


Motion by Voight, second by Romnes to approve the agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Romnes, second by Voight to approve the minutes of the December 3, 2003.  Motion carried.



Event Dates


1)            Request from Cable Area Chamber of Commerce to hold the Cable Off-Road Classic mountain             bike race on Saturday, May 15, 2004.  The course does not use any of the Birkebeiner Trail.

            Motion by Voight, second by Romnes to approve request contingent upon receiving certificate             of insurance.  Motion carried.



Status of Recreation Camp Permits


As a follow-up to last months meeting, a letter was sent out to the camps which has received citations and warnings.  A number of people were present representing these camps.  A lengthy discussion ensued and the committee assured those present that we are not trying to get rid of the camps, and, in fact, need help from every camp permit holder regarding following the rules established for the camps.

Bill Voight also suggested that camp owners contact the Town of Winter Board and let them know that ATV/snowmobile trails (on roads) are needed.


Truck Bid Proposals


Bid proposals for a new truck were sent out to four companies.  A motion was made by Voight to purchase the Dodge truck from Ewald Motors.  No second.  Motion by Romnes to purchase a Chevy truck from Gillis Motors.  No second.  Mike was asked to call Ewald to find out if the price included delivery to Hayward.  Ewald said it did include delivery.  Motion by Voight, second by Romnes to accept bid from Ewald Motors.  Motion carried.  Delivery will be in 60-90 days.


Page 2 – Sawyer County Forestry Committee Minutes – January 2, 2004 – Continued


Recommend updated ATRV section of the Sawyer County Land Ordinance to County Board for approval


Corporation Counsel approved ordinance.  The definition of "roadway" was discussed and the wording was changed to read "A roadway is defined as an open lane that is wide enough for a 4-wheeled licensed automobile to travel."


Motion by Romnes, second by Voight to approve change of wording and send to full County Board for approval.  Motion carried.


Approve annual County Forest work plan


Motion by DeLong, second by Romnes to approve plan and recommend approval by full County Board.

Snowmobile/ATV trail maintenance and grooming contract


Mike Kruger reported that the contract had been sent out for signature, but has not been returned yet.


Snowmobile Coordinator report


Don Mrotek reported:  1) trails are fairly good but we need snow.  2) Radio has been reporting that Sawyer County trails are closed.  He will check on.  3) Loggers have scraped a snowmobile trail on private property down to gravel across from Power Sports.  4) DNR may not approve trail by Rock Lake due to wolves.


Sawyer Forestry Report


Mike Kruger:  1) He has been on vacation.  2) No crews are cutting timber as the present time - first time ever.


Pete Sievert:  2) Setting up sales for April bid opening.


DNR Forestry Report


Kim Lemke:  1) County personnel are setting up sales.  2) He has taken over some sale administration duties.  3) Looking forward to getting out and setting up sales.  4) ATV problems - should look at other counties and see what they are doing.


Approve vouchers


Motion by Suhsen, second by Romnes to approve the vouchers.   Motion carried.


Adjourn meeting


Motion by Voight, second by Suhsen to adjourn meeting.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 11:07 a.m.


Delores Dobilas