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Highway Safety

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Minutes from the February 18, 2004 Highway Safety Commission




Time:                10:30 a.m.


Location:            Sawyer County Highway Department


Present:            Gary Gedart – Sawyer County Highway Department

                        Joanne Nitz – Sawyer County Highway Department

                        Greg Mattson – WisDOT Superior

                        Dennis Johnson – WisDOT Office of Transportation Safety

                        Deb Lewis – Wisconsin State Patrol

                        Mike Ostranga – WisDOT Superior

                        Tim Ziegle – Sawyer County Sheriffs Department

                        Justin Hall – Population Center Representative

                        Andrew Licata – Educator



Gary Gedart called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.



The minutes from the November meeting were reviewed.


There was a concern that the lights are not switching properly at the intersection

of CTH B and CTH K.  Gary indicated that he would have this issue checked out by

the Highway Department sign person.  Gary indicated that he would check with the

Town of Hayward to see if there is proper signage for the speed limit on Chippewa



The accident analysis map was shown and there was 1 fatality on Applebee Road.

A logging truck hit a Canadian National train, and the driver of the logging truck

was killed.


Gary questioned Justin Hall in regards to the City of Hayward having a site map

completed.  Justin indicated that the map is being worked on.


Gary indicated that he received a reply from Jerry Mentzel, WisDOT in Superior in

regards to a letter that was sent to him in regards to some of the issues that the safety committee had pertaining to state roads. The first issue was in regards to installing flashing lights at the intersection of 27/70 near the G2 convenience store. The state indicated that they have criteria that needs to be met in deciding where these lights are placed, and this intersection does not meet this criteria.  The state would install the flasher if the county or township would be willing to incur the cost of the power bill.

The second issue was the speed limit in the Village of Winter.  They indicated that the speed limits in Wisconsin are set according to a standard, and they also conducted a speed study and the average speed was 47 mph.  They will extend the existing 45 mph to a couple hundred feet to the east of Crawford Street to encompass the new post office that was built.  The last issue was making the left lane a turn lane only at the intersection of STH 27 and CTH B in the City of Hayward.  This issue will be addressed with the construction project this summer.


Gary indicated that he received a petition to lower the speed limit on STH 27/70 near Sand Lake.  Greg indicated that a speed study was completed in that area and the study did not warrant reducing the speed limit.  Greg indicated that the DOT could look at putting up advisory signs in this area to possibly slow down the traffic.  Greg will talk to Corrine Scott in the Superior office to see if they could take care of this issue. 


Dennis Johnson indicated that the fatality total as of 2-18-04 was 93.  Dennis also indicated that there is no grant money available in Sawyer County for safety issues.


Greg Matson indicated that the WisDOT would not have any signs available for the Birkie.  Greg indicated that the Chamber of Commerce in Hayward has requested to have the parade for Musky Fest moved from Main Street to STH 63, with a detour to be on Railroad Street.  Greg reported that the ITS funding for Sawyer County for a county wide wireless communication system, and a speed board has been approved.


Andrew Licata requested to have the 55 mph speed limit sign at Greenwood Lane and STH 63 moved to the south near Stress Road.  Greg indicated that he would check with Marc Bowker at the Superior office.


Trooper Lewis questioned why the left lane at the STH 63/27 intersection is a turn lane only.  The traffic in the right lane gets backed up and ends up in the left lane because there are parking stalls close to the intersection.  Greg indicated that he would check with Marc Bowker at the Superior office.


The next meeting will be held May 19, 2004.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.