Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Ag & Extension

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February 4, 2004


Committee Members Present:                        Shirley Suhsen,  Bill Voight, Frank Romnes, John Hirschfeld,

County Personnel Present:                        David Berard, Lori Laberee, Trinke McNurlin, Kevin Schoessow, Carol Larson

Others Present:                                     John Preissing


The meeting was called to order at 8:30 am by Shirley Suhsen, Chairperson. 


Approval of Agenda & Minutes

Motion to approve the agenda made by Hirschfeld, seconded by Romnes.  Motion carried. 

Motion by Romnes and seconded by Hirschfeld to accept the minutes from the Jan 2, 2004 meeting. Motion Carried.


Sawyer County Agricultural Fair

No report from SCAFA.


Performance Review Process

Berard described the self initiated performance review process (SIPR) used to evaluate the extension professional staff, and also described the requirement for 360 feedback and for peer review. Extension performance review to be used annually with professional staff, and county staff will be reviewed using the county process. Berard’s review conducted annually by John Preissing, Northern District Director, with input from the Ag & Extension Education Committee.


Ag Agent Position

John Preissing and Kevin Schoessow updated the committee on the process to move forward with a recruitment and hiring process now that Bill Saumer is no longer in the position. Consensus by the committee to open the position with an internal UWEX recruitment and then proceed to a wider search if we don’t get a viable applicant pool.


Agent Reports

Berard reported on “Developing Leaders and Organizations”, extension methods for the program, and a summary of significant impacts (report on file). Written reports were submitted by Berard , Laberee, McNurlin, and Berg-Sutten (reports on file). Motion by Voight, seconded by Romnes to accept written agent reports and out of county travel for February. Motion carried.



Motion by Romnes, seconded by Hirschfeld to approve vouchers for month for Extension. Motion Carried.


Other Business for discussion only

John Preissing spoke to the committee about the upcoming March WACEC meeting at the Schwann Center. Consensus of the committee that Bill Voight would attend WACEC on the committees behalf.


Closed Session

Motion by Hirschfeld, seconded by Romnes to move into closed session for personnel review of the Extension Department Head, motion carried.


Motion by Hirschfeld, seconded by Romness to reconvene in open session and simultaneously adjourn, motion carried.




David A. Berard, Recorder