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Sawyer County Forestry Committee

February 4, 2004


Committee Members Present:                           Shirley Suhsen            Bill Voight                       

                                                                        Frank Romnes            John Hirschfeld           


County Personnel Present:                                Michael Kruger           Don Mrotek            

                                                                        Carol Larsen 


DNR Personnel Present:                                   Pete Wisdom              Susan Miller


Others Present:                                                 John Gargulak    

                                                                        Terrell Boettcher                                              

The meeting was called to order at 9:45 a.m.


Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Voight to approve the agenda with the addition of:  Closed Session: pursuant to section 19.85(1)(c), Wisconsin Statutes, for the purpose of conducting employee evaluations.  Motion carried.


Motion by Romnes, second by Voight to approve the minutes of the January 2, 2004 meeting.  Motion carried.  As a side note, Voight reported that no ATV'ers attended the Winter Town Board meeting.


Event Dates


None to report


Recreation Camp vacancies


Mike Kruger reported that there were four (4) Recreational Camp lessees that did not pay the renewal fee last year - one cabin burned, one was removed and two bought land and moved cabins off county land.  One more cabin has not paid the yearly fee, checking on status.  Mike questioned whether or not the county should fill the vacancies since we have a waiting list of approximately 83 people.  Suhsen felt that the county should do nothing right now and would like to hold off on filling the vacancies until the 10-Year-Plan is finished.  Romnes encouraged the committee members to read the letters he has received from permit holders and that the Town of Winter would really be hurt if the camps were discontinued.  Hirschfeld stated that most of the people with camps, formerly lived here, it's a way of life and has a monetary impact on the county.


Kruger reported that the #2 person on the waiting list called yesterday inquiring about his status.  Voight stated that he is interested in giving this guy a chance for a camp permit.


The county has nothing to go by, we are good until 2011.  Romnes and Suhsen stated that they would like to know what the county would lose by keeping the cabins.  There are no real answers until we submit the 10-Year-Plan.  Suhsen asked Pete Wisdom how many hours of DNR personnel time would be lost for setting up timber sales and he stated 2400-2500 hours. 


Motion by Suhsen, second by Hirschfeld to do nothing and wait until the 10-Year-Plan is done.  Motion carried with Suhsen and Hirschfeld voting yes and Romnes and Voight abstaining.







Page 2 – Sawyer County Forestry Committee Minutes – February 2, 2004 – Continued


Gargulak property trade


Mike Kruger reported that Pat Hamblin had done land appraisals on both properties which are both approximately 80 acres and wooded:  Gargulak property - $80,000 and County property - $94,000.

Mr. Gargulak was asked if he was willing the pay the difference and he said no.  Mike Kruger stated that he had been in on the Gargulak property last week.  He feels that the timber on the county property is worth a lot more than on the Gargulak property.  Mr. Gargulak stated that Buchman had estimated the value of the timber on his property at $63,000.  Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Romnes to table any decision for three months to get additional information.  Motion carried.


Approval of Fire Warden List


The list was passed around.  Motion by Hirschfeld, second by Voight to table this item until next month.  Motion carried.


Snowmobile Coordinator Report

Don Mrotek reported on the following:  1) trail conditions were excellent the past two weeks, anticipate complaints on rough trails with new snow.  2) Took care of complaint from Birkie Office regarding snowmobiles running on ski trail by Hatchery Park.  3) Attended Governor's Council on Snowmobiles were the main issues were:  noise & funding as there are only 182,000 registrations; registration money pays for trail funding.  4) Winterfest - held last weekend, there was one accident.  5) The DNR has been out in force.  6) DNR snowmobile safety classes being held with 54 students.  Arvid Vallem is retiring this year as instructor after 30 years.  7) The Alliance currently has 13 pieces of equipment and is looking at purchasing a brush mower.  8) A groomer went through the ice on Nelson Lake.  9) Snowmobile fatalities for the state are at 13 - none in Sawyer County (yet).


Sawyer Forestry Report


Mike Kruger:  1) Arlene Bishop called him regarding the road by Lambert's.  He sent letter stating that at this time there is not need for town road.  2) He requested Town of Winter to consider opening roads for ATV's.  3) Sent letter to Forrest Thannum, have not heard anything back.  4) Economic Development Group - Bruce Meyer is looking into making a beach by Etlinger's landing - initial contact only.  5) ATV's - Rusk County is in worse shape than we are.  In Rusk County they can go anywhere.  6) Forest Aid Account - account has been spent down and then some and money from Resource Development will need to be transferred.  7) Reported on unaudited timber sale income for 2003.


DNR Forestry Report


Sue Miller:  There have been some serious accidents - one on Tuscobia Trail (person is in Marshfield); and one on an unplowed road in the National Forest.


Pete Wisdom:  Reported on staffing situation - liaison position is still open, has ad in paper for an LTE forester to mark timber through the end of June.


Any other conservation business, for discussion only


Sue Miller:  1) Regarding the issue of problems she encountered in the Winter Block during hunting season that she reported on in December, published reports attributed to her were taken wrong.  She is repairing damage caused by the mis-statements.  2) ATV Trail 5 - is this trail designated as ATV?  If


Page 3– Sawyer County Forestry Committee Minutes – February 2, 2004 – Continued3


so, it needs to be marked as a Route/Trail where is travels on town road.  Town and county need to work together to set up trails/routes.


Pete Wisdom:  1) Need to look at designation of roads as far as use and appropriateness.


Dee:  1) Passed out logger financial report.


Approve vouchers


Motion by Voight, second by Hirschfeld to approve the vouchers.   Motion carried.




Motion by Voight, second by Suhsen to convene into Closed Session pursuant to section 19.85(1)(c), Wisconsin Statutes, for the purpose of conducting employee evaluations.  Motion carried.


The committee discussed the performance evaluation for Mike Kruger.


Motion by Suhsen, second by Hirschfeld to go out of Closed Session and simultaneously adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting adjourned at 12:20 pm.



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