Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Land and Water Conservation

Last Updated 1/10/2008 8:05:13 AM



Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee

January 7, 2008



Committee Members Present:               Shirley Riedmann                      Doug Mrotek

                                                            Jim Bassett                               Fred Zietlow


Others Present: Mike Gehrke

                                    Dale Olson, County Conservationist

                                    Tim Seidl, Conservation Technician

                                    Dan Tyrolt, LCO Conservation

                                    Carol Larson, County Human Resources


Meeting was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Bassett.  Motion by Riedmann, second by Bassett, to approve the agenda with the addition of Approve 2008 DNR Wildlife Damage Program Budget.  Motion carried.


Motion by Riedmann, second by Zietlow, to approve the December 6, 2007 minutes.  Motion carried.


Audience Recognition

Gehrke reported the Southern Sawyer County Sportsmen Club will assume management of water buoys on Lake Winter.


Land Sale Concerns

No business


Release of Gravel Rights

No business


NRCS Business

Koehler was unable to attend meeting due to EQIP contract workload.  Discussion regarding access to information for individuals receiving EQIP contracts.


DNR Business

Olson reported the Trans 207 permit application for replacement of the CTH NN culverts has been submitted to the DNR.  Distributed response letter to Strachota and Kintzinger from Mathew Frank, DNR Secretary.


LCO Business

Tyrolt reported on the installation of 100 wood duck boxes.  Water samples and data from 2007 collections are being reviewed.



Page 2, Sawyer County Land & Water Conservation Committee, January 7, 2008


County Work Report

Monthly work reports, annual Palmer Drought Index report, 2007 workplan update and 2008 workplan distributed and discussed.  Language on annual reports will be revised to be more specific.


Review of Department Comp Time Report

Compensatory time report reviewed.  No concerns noted.


Establish 2007 Wildlife Damage Crop Reimbursement Rates

Crop rate averages were reviewed and discussed.  Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek, to set the 2007 wildlife damage program crop reimbursements as follows:  Oats - $2.82/bushel; Corn - $3.88/bushel; Soybeans - $9.98/bushel; Alfalfa - $200/ton; and Sunflowers - $.17/pound.  Motion carried.


Approve 2007 Wildlife Damage Claims

Claims reviewed.  Motion by Mrotek, second by Riedmann, to approve the 2007 wildlife damage claims presented.  Motion carried.


Approve 2008 Wildlife Damage Program Budget

Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek, to approve the 2008 wildlife damage program budget as presented.  Motion carried.


Other Business

Olson reported the budgeted amount for a chainsaw is insufficient. Permission granted to go ahead with purchase.  Venison donation program exceeded 2007 donations by 17 deer.  Discussion regarding equal distribution among county food shelves.


Closed Session

Motion by Bassett, second by Riedmann, to go into closed session pursuant to section 19.85 (1)(c), Wisconsin Statutes to discuss compensation of department employees.


Motion by Riedmann, second by Mrotek, to return to open session.  Motion carried.


Motion by Mrotek, second by Zietlow, to adjourn.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 10:30 a.m.




Jan Eck, Recorder