Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Finance Committee

Last Updated 1/16/2008 12:28:53 PM

Minutes of the meeting of the Finance Committee

Sawyer County Board of Supervisors

January 14, 2008, 9:00 a.m., Assembly Room, Sawyer County Courthouse


members present:  Shirley Riedmann (Chair), Kathy McCoy, Jim Bassett, Dale Schleeter, Nate DeLong


also present:  County Board Chair Hal Helwig, County Treasurer Dianne Ince, County Clerk Kris Mayberry


Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to approve the meeting agenda.  Motion carried.


Motion by Bassett, 2nd by Riedmann, to approve the minutes of the meeting December 13, 2007.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed a proposed agreement with Maximus Financial Services for Maximus to provide professional consulting services including:

·        Development of a central services cost allocation plan each year for a period of three years which identifies the various costs incurred by the County to support and administer outside-funded programs.  Each plan will contain a determination of the allowable cost of providing each supporting service, such as accounting, legal counsel, data processing, etc.  The cost allocation plans will be based on the County’s actual year-end financial data for the years 2007, 2008, and 2009, and will be prepared in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

·        Negotiation of the completed cost allocation plan with representatives of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the State of Wisconsin Departments of Health and Family Services and Workforce Development, as well as others that may be required.

·        Assistance in preparing initial claims to the State for recovery of funds due the County and monitoring the progress of claims through the State to insure the County receives recoveries due it.

The County would compensate Maximus an amount not to exceed $3,500 each year for the service.  Motion by Bassett, 2nd by Riedmann, to recommend County Board  Motion carried. approval of the agreement.


The Committee reviewed correspondence received from the American Transmission Company which enclosed a check for $59,162 as Sawyer’s 2007 annual impact fee payment for hosting a portion of the Arrowhead-Weston 345 kV transmission line.  Motion by Riedmann, 2nd by Bassett, to recommend County Board approval to establish a non-lapsing account for this amount, plus the $359,971 remaining from the initial environmental impact fee, and any and all interest received from these funds.  Motion carried.


County Board Chairman Hal Helwig indicated that representatives of the American Transmission Company had offered to provide additional payments to offset the environmental impact for expansion of the electrical substation near Stone Lake.


Al Foeckler, on behalf of Hayward Youth and Rescue, requested an explanation for the deletion of the proposed appropriation for Hayward Youth and Rescue in the 2008 Sawyer County Budget.  Mr. Foeckler explained that Hayward Youth and Rescue had just purchased an airplane and would be using the funds they have had for aircraft operation and maintenance and that they would need additional funds for the Hayward Youth and Rescue youth cadet program.


Zoning Department Administrator William Christman and Attorney Michael Kelsey presented a proposal from MSA Professional Services for assistance to be provided to the Sawyer County Health and Human Services Department with the abatement of a non-compliant residential structure located in the Town of Draper with a cost for the services not to exceed $2,000.  The Sawyer County Circuit Court ordered owners of the structure to obtain an appropriate sanitary permit and land use permit for the structure.  Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to recommend County Board approval of the proposal.  Motion carried.  Ms. Riedmann voted no.


The Committee discussed a schedule for meetings to discuss evaluating and prioritizing services provided to the public by County departments and determined that such meetings would be scheduled for March.


The Committee discussed that department committees should not transfer funds between lines of department budgets.  This will provide a means to determine a true variance between budgeted and actual expenditures.


County Treasurer Dianne Ince presented a financial report for the County through December of 2007.  Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Riedmann, to approve the report.  Motion carried.


The Committee reviewed the Wisconsin Department of Revenue monthly report on county sales and use tax distribution to Sawyer County which included the following:

·        Distributed to Sawyer County in December of 2007 - $100,104.52

·        Distributed to Sawyer County in 2007 through December - $1,538,945.51

·        Distributed to Sawyer County through the same month in 2007 - $1,479,025.11

·        2007 Sawyer County Budget sales and use tax revenue forecast - $1,300,000


The Committee reviewed the monthly department vouchers, including a summary of requests for payments for the reimbursement of libraries located outside SawyerCounty for the use of those libraries by Sawyer County residents pursuant to the requirements of section 43.12, Wisconsin Statutes.  Motion by Bassett, 2nd by McCoy, to approve payment of the vouchers.  Motion carried.


Health and Human Services Board Chair Kathy McCoy reported that the Hayward AreaMemorial Hospital is considering discontinuing providing services to Sawyer County  The Health and Human Services Board is exploring the option of acquiring and operating such a facility in lieu of transporting patients to distant facilities. as the facility to hold (for up to 72 hours) patients determined to be a danger to themselves or others.


Motion by McCoy, 2nd by Bassett, to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried.



Minutes prepared by Sawyer County Clerk Kris Mayberry