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FEBRUARY 15, 2008


Depending upon the length of the Public Hearing, the Zoning Committee may recess  up to one hour for the purpose of a lunch break.



1)                  Call to Order and Roll Call

2)                  Statement of Committee and Hearing Procedure

3)                  Statement of Hearing Notice






1)                  Town of Bass Lake – Cranberry Ridge LLC. c/o Steve Sletner. Part of Gov’t lot 4, S 25 and Part of Gov’t lot 7, S 26, all in T 40N, R 9W; Part of Parcel :4.3 in Section 25 and Parcels :7.1 and :7.3 in S 26 not already zoned RR-1, excepting there from the wetlands as indicated on the Wetland Inventory Map. Volume 813 Records page 923; CSM Volume 23 page 328 and CSM Volume 26 page 301. Approximately 30.40 acres to be rezoned out of the total 57.75 acres. Approximately 24.85 acres is wetland and approximately 2.50 acres is already zoned Residential/Recreational One. Change from district Agricultural One to district Residential/Recreational One. Purpose of request is for the construction of a maximum of 28 single family condominium units. Application also made for Conditional Use for multi-family development.


Background: The Town Board had originally denied both applications. This application has been tabled from the May 18, 2007 Public Hearing by the request of the applicant to allow applicant time to procure permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and Wisconsin DNR. The Zoning Committee agreed to table the application to no later than the September Public Hearing. Again, the applicant requested the application be tabled and the Town Board and Zoning Committee agreed to table and that the application would come back to the Committee at the Zoning Administrators discretion when all DNR permits and appeal processes had been completed. The Town Board has approved the applications with additional comments.


                        Findings of Fact:




1)                  Town of Bass Lake – Dale Ursprung.  Lot 1, being part of Gov’t lot 2, S 25, T 40N, R 9W; Parcel 5202.  Doc#328756; CSM Volume 15 page 150.  1.95 acres total. Property is zoned Commercial One. Permit is desired for the location/operation of a used car sales, using existing structures.  The Town Board has approved the application with additional comments.


                        Findings of Fact:


2)                  Town of Ojibwa – Bernard Lynaugh. Lot 3, being part of the SW 1/4 SE 1/4, S 3, T 38N, R 6W; Parcel 4305.  Doc# 349835, CSM Volume 29 page 52.  10 acres. Property is zoned Agricultural One. Permit is desired for the construction of a single family dwelling, owner not being engaged in agricultural activities. No decision received from the Town Board.


                        Findings of Fact:




1)                  Town of Bass Lake – Carleton Johnson etux. Lots 1 & 2, being part of Gov’t lot 4, S 28, T 40N, R 8W; Parcel 5404.  Volume 744 Records page 115; CSM Volume 29 page 123.  4.73 acres total. Property is zoned Residential/Recreational One. Application is for the reconfiguration of an existing two lot parcel (CSM volume 29 page 123) into a new two lot parcel with the proposed lot one containing approximately 43,500 square feet and the proposed lot two containing approximately 67,000 square feet. The proposed reconfiguration will result in the common lot line encroaching into an existing detached garage and also being located approximately 2’ from an existing dwelling. Additionally, the lot depth of the proposed lot 1 cannot be maintained to a minimum depth of 200’ from the ordinary high water mark of the lake. Variance is requested as Section 3.0 (3.7) Sawyer County Subdivision Control/Condominium Ordinance, would require that the proposed division not result in non-conforming structures. The Town Board has denied the application with additional comments.


                        Findings of Fact:





1)                  Public Hearing Notices to other county municipalities

2)                  Proposed amendment to Section 18.7 minimum lot depth for A-1, A-2, F-1 & I-1.

3)                  Out of County Travel – WCCA Spring Conference in Mosinee April 3-4.

4)                  Selection of a student intern for 2008 Lake Chetac septic system survey

5)                  Hobby farms in a residential zone district – other county policies.

6)                  2007 department summary

7)                  Wilderness Lakes Classification

                  * possible change of public hearing date?

                  * obtaining outside opinion on “takings” issue

8)                  Office closing date – Tuesday, March 4, 2008 from 10-Noon.

9)                  Wisline – Local Land Use Planning & Zoning update

10)              Monthly Vouchers


Closed Session  pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.85(1)(c), for the purpose of conducting an annual performance evaluation of an employee.