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County Board Agenda

Last Updated 1/21/2008 12:40:41 PM

January 17, 2008



Sawyer County Board of Supervisors meeting

Thursday, January 17, 2008, 6:30 p.m.

Large Courtroom, Sawyer County Courthouse, Hayward, Wisconsin


01.   Call to order, roll call, Pledge of Allegiance, meeting agenda, audience recognition

02.   Minutes of the meeting December 20, 2007

03.  Drug Court program report

04.  Zoning Committee report, including:

·        petitions for change of zoning for parcels in Town of Bass Lake, Town of Edgewater, Town of Hayward, and Town of Round Lake

·        Town of Spider Lake zoning amendments

05.  Forestry Committee report, including 2008 Sawyer County Forest annual work report

06.  Courthouse Committee  report, including discontinuance of filing, in Register of Deeds Office, of certificates for indigent beneficiaries of county or state payments for legal representation

07.  Highway Department report, including recommendation from Highway Committee to fill vacancy in budgeted position – Highway Department Mechanic

08.  Finance Committee report, including:

·        Maximus proposal for cost allocation plans through 2010

·        American Transmission Company environmental impact funds

09.  Personnel and Administrative Committee report, including update to appendix A in Personnel and Administrative Policy Manual to reflect 2008 rates

10.  Wisconsin Bureau of Geographic Names request for approval to name Kocmoud Lake located in the Town of Winter and the Town of Draper (west of North Clover Road)

11.  Reappointment of Kathy McCoy as representative to Northern Waters Library Service Board of Directors

12.  Appointments, including David DiSera as education representative to Sawyer County Highway Traffic Safety Commission

13.  Correspondence, reports from conferences and meetings, other matters for discussion only

14.  Closed session, pursuant to section 19.85(1)(g), Wisconsin Statutes, to discuss potential litigation with legal counsel

Kris Mayberry
Sawyer County Clerk                                           


copies:  Sawyer County Record, Sawyer County Gazette, WRLS, WHSM, AND WOJB