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Youth Prevention Programming

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Youth Prevention Programming


January 8, 2008

LCO Elementary School Conference Room

9am- 12pm Workplans

12-1pm Networking/Brown Bag Lunch




1.     Introductions/Attendence:  Ailicia Wolfe, Shelley Travis, Kjersti Culver, Robin Bradford, Amanda Schlefke, Joe Willger, Jan Reker, Rhonda Wuagon, Joleen Tosland, Kim Beaudin, Jennifer Bunker, Sue Smith, Louise Ladenthin, Miranda Wolf, Judi Larsen, Gerry Berg, Patti Wuaderer, Jenny Cisonette, Tiffiny Nielsen, Amber Marlow, Bill Morrow, Luis Salas, Kelli Stamper, Mike Williams, and Pat Harrington.

2.     Beg wa’ wang“We mend someone”

·        Talked about Community Service work. They are waiting on surveys to be done to get out into the community door to door. They introduced a brochure they made to hand out to people to show what they do and what types of programs are offered.

·        Calendar met yesterday and they will probably have it out in June through May. The next meeting will be on January 28, 2007 in the library at LCO Clinic.

·        Youth Suicide Prevention Educational Group/Curriculum will start and meet at the next Beg wa’ wang Meeting next month.

·        What kind of crisis and response plan do the schools have? The bigger National grant is distributed to tribes. One way the grant was used is in Alaska workers went out to small Native villages with lots of technical equipment such as video cameras, digital cameras, etc. This approach is leaning more towards showing youth there is a reason to live rather than come at them and say they are there for Suicide Prevention which would looked down upon. The students in Alaska were taught how to use the equipment for two weeks and then were left alone to make digital recordings of their live, mainly from the cultural aspect. Another tribe in Oregon used there’s to build canoes and travel on the river. The students are required to stay drug and alcohol free and attend school and get good grades. The LCO School members stated that they have a good crisis plan and is known by every staff member. A lot of support in the past has come from Mike Williams, especially when one year there was approximately 40 deaths in one year. They also mentioned that a canoe building class would be nice. One group also mentioned that Trina Starr has a parenting class that is a positive way to help the community, even trying to show more cultural ways. Helping kids to learn the culture more by bringing more into the schools such as bringing cultural dances into Physical Education and Native American History and culture in a History class. Jennifer Bunker would be willing to start working on the First Nations Grant to help get these Cultural classes going such as canoe making, after school storytelling, etc. There will be a show at the park theater on the story of Laremy Wyoming? and Mathew Shepard? There will then be a psychologist that comes on to talk to the audience and debriefs them on the show and asks questions and gets the audience feedback. There is even a regalia-making group.

·        Review minutes:

·        SP updates

a.     Work plan:

b.     Logo:

·        Meeting updates. Beg wa’ wang Meetings-To get this group out into the community is one way to get community involvement. Bringing the meetings in different parts of the community to involve everyone. Maybe even having food and entertainment would help get more people involved.


WITCAPP updates

c.     Work plan: Has been submitted. Need a copy get a whole of Mike or Gerry. The funds will be carried over to this year.

d.     Report from meeting:

e.     Review of both project deliverables:

3.Substance Abuse & Addiction Coalition- Kim will be meeting Paul Shagens, tribal attorney and meeting with the judge.  She is still working on preventing youth from access to alcohol at community events. She also handed out a paper on Prevention of Underage Alcohol Use and how families and communities can prevent it. She also had available stress-reliever squares and magnets with tips on prevention and contact number. Joe Willger handed out compliance check hand-out.

4. Family Service Program-Jenny Bisonette talked about teen pregnancy prevention, a conference she went to and she learned about a program that can give classes to learn about a person before getting into any relationships with them and being able to recognize a person’s bad side.Patty Quaderer and Becky Taylor are going into 11th and 12th grades and teaching Independent Living>Identity, financial management, getting schooling,etc.    

    5. LCO/Sawyer County Joint Injury Prevention Coalition-Kelli Stamper mentioned that she helps the tribe with this program. One issue is child passenger safety and she’s been getting a lot of help from Tiffany Nielson with this for car seat clinics. Goal is to raise usage for car seats and seatbelts. For 2008 is to continue to educate people on child safety seats and how they will help to keep people trained to teach this. Bill Morrow mentioned that the primary safety law is a possibility to get on the reservation along with doing an OWI checkpoint. Another possibility is being able to suspend someone’s license just for the reservation no matter if they have a license for the state. Tiffany Nielson mentioned that going to the judge to ask if they can give an option of being able to go to a car seat clinic and get offered the training for proper usage plus get a car seat when someone gets a fine for no car seat for a child and get the fine waived.

6. Next meeting Tuesday, Febuary 12th, 9-12, place of meeting to be announced.

7. Adjorn/ networking and brownbag lunch 12pm.