Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Zoning Public Hearing

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20 FEBRUARY 2004


Zoning Committee = ZC

JB = James Bassett, Chairman

DT = Don Trettin, Vice-Chairman

FR = Frank Romnes

JH = John Hirschfeld

BM = Bruce Miller


Zoning Administration = ZA

WAC = William A. Christman, Zoning Administrator

CY = Cindy Yackley, Deputy Zoning Administrator



1)      Call to Order and Roll Call.

2)      JB calls the Public Hearing before the Sawyer County Zoning Committee to order in the Circuit Court Room of the Sawyer County Courthouse, 10610 Main St., Hayward, Wisconsin. Roll is called finding members present as follows: JB, DT, JH, BM. FR absent.

3)      Statement of Board and Hearing Procedures.

JB states those wishing to speak will be afforded the opportunity provided they identify themselves. Gives order of submitting files to ZC, taking testimony, and making a decision. Requests orderly procedure. Gives appeal deadline.

4)      Statement of Hearing Notice.

JB states Public Hearing published as a Class 2 Notice in accordance with Chapter 985 of the Wisconsin Statutes in the Sawyer County Record on February 4 and 11, 2004.






1)      Town of Edgewater – A&L Investment, c/o Thomas E. Johnston. Lot 2, being Part of Govt Lot 2, S 19, T 37N, R 9W, Parcel :2.19. Vol 615 Records Page 354; CSM Vol 12 Page 217. .89 acres total. Property is zoned Residential/Recreational One. Permit is desired for the use of Lot 2 as mainland access for two additional lots on Garbutt Island (Note: On November 14, 1997 a conditional use application was granted for the use of Lot 2 for two island lots. Applicant is seeking approval for the use of Lot 2 for two more lots on the island, totaling 4 island lots using one access). The Town Board has approved the application.

WAC reads application into the record; presents tax listers map, zone district map, and wetland map. Eleven (11) letters sent. 3 were returned with no objection; 1 with objections. Johnston present, shows CSM and sketch of property. Island is approx. 15 acres. Lake access is more than required, 39,000 sq. ft. Wants to build 3 cabins in addition to existing cabin on island. Existing dock on access. This is a family project. WAC: Zoning office is in opposition, ordinance is specific on this point. ZC would be setting a precedent opposed to its own ordinance.

BM motions to deny the application.

JB seconds motion to deny.

DT and JH vote against motion.

Application is denied.

Summary Agenda

Zoning Committee

PH: 20 February 2004

Findings of Fact of the Zoning Committee: It would not be compatible with the surrounding uses and the area. It would not be in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.

ZC wants clarification on the vote from corp. counsel.

JH motions to send on to County Board.

DT seconds motion.

BM votes no.

Motion carries.



1)        LUP 02-610 – WAC explains that a LUP was issued in 2002 for a detached garage. Issue now is if permit for boathouse should be issued, boathouses are no longer allowed. Madsen purchased in 2002. Property had severe shoreline erosion, trees to be removed, feels he's been working with zoning from 2002. Dave Rieder did survey laying out garage and boathouse. Working with DNR to determine high-water mark and with Land & Water Dept. Holding tank installed.

DT motions to approve issue of LUP for boathouse.

JH seconds motion.

Motion carries.

2)        Monarch Paving request – Request for extended hours in existing Skille pit to 6AM to 9PM, 5 days a week , April – June, for highway construction.

DT motions to approve request.

JH seconds motion.

Motion carries.

1)      Town of Draper – Norbert McMahon

JH motions to approve.

DT seconds motion.

Motion carried.

Findings of Fact: It would not be damaging to the rights of others or property values.


3)   Town notification for Special Use permits – Phil Nies, Town of Bass Lake Supervisor: Bass Lake wants to see special use applications before ZC hearing.

BM motions to refer special use permits to the town first, zoning to refer applicants to Town Board meeting for approval and form to be revised with Town Board signature approval.

JB seconds the motion

JH and DT vote no, JB and BM vote yes.

Nies explains town position, JH asks to revote.

BM rescinds previous motion and motions to refer special use to Town Board for approval and zoning to change application to include town signature.

JB seconds motion.

Motion carried.

4)Accessory structures at campgrounds – WAC explains that there are structures at campgrounds that don't meet setbacks. Zoning wants to take action for removal of accessory structures. JH gives example of treehouses on the shoreline. WAC: Zoning will start enforcement.

5)      Non-metallic mining – ZA wrote letters to cease operation to Carl Ewert and Dennis Suzan.

6)      Where do additions start? WAC draws examples on sketch board and reviews ordinance: Additions can be built landward to a point that is 75' from OHM, then can go sideways.

7)      Necessary changes in rooflines are acceptable.

Summary Agenda

Zoning Committee

PH: 20 February 2004

8)      Conversion of non-habitable to habitable to obtain 500 sq. ft. minimum - WAC explains case, owner wants convert screenporch into habitable area to meet 500 sq. ft. Consensus is to approve.

9)      Expansion of existing resorts – Limit of expansion based on multi-dwelling amendment: 75' from OHM, 20' from other primary structures, 15% impervious surfaces within 300' of lake. CUP required for 3 or more number of units.

10)   Mitigation requirements for additions to conforming resort cabins -  Consensus is that what's good for one is good for all.

11)   Town of Ojibwa moratorium – Correspondence from Town Chairman requesting Zoning impose a moratorium on building. WAC explains that Taylor Invesment is creating a subdivision by CSM, not by plat. Access off Deer Lane is a problem. WAC wrote to request a change in the road and Taylor Investment refused. Town requested moratorium. That is not within zoning's authority. All lots have been legally created.


1)  Monthly vouchers

BM motions to approve.

DT seconds motion.

Motion carried.

2)      Camping amendment – WAC reviews revised amendments.

BM motions to hold public hearing on camping at March 19, 2004 meeting.

JB seconds motion.

Motion carried.

3)      Request for Code Enforcement Job Description Change and Reclassification – ZC has no problem.

BM motions to approve request.

JB seconds motion to approve.

Motion carried.

4)      Sanitation Secretary and POWT's Clerk Positions – Sanitation Secretary Gerri Schultz has applied for the position of Mapper. POWT's Clerk Daphne Vilhauer will fill in temporarily, has right to post in.

BM motions to fill on interim basis with current rate of pay.

JB seconds motion.

Unanimous vote.

5)  Retirement of Board of Appeals members – Arvid Vallem and Ray Zubrod to retire in December. Suggestions include possible certificate of appreciation.



1)      Resolution on reclamation of county non-metallic mines tabled for March agenda.

2)      Jim Hausman LUP extension on March agenda for vote.

3)      County may need to address issue of dilapidated dwellings.

4)      Flood elevations on Grindstone and waiting LUP's – WAC: Depends on Round Lake elevation. Chairman of ZC to ask Chairman of Land & Water for findings of Round Lake elevation.

5)      Next Zoning Committee regular meeting scheduled for March 19, 2004, at 9:00 AM.


DT motions to go into closed session.

JB seconds motion.

Motion carried.

ZC members provide input for performance evaluation of ZA Bill Christman.

BM motions to reconvene into open session.

JB seconds motion.

Motion carried.

Summary Agenda

Zoning Committee

PH: 20 February 2004


BM motions to adjourn.

JB seconds motion.

Motion carried.

pc:           Zoning Committee , County Board – 1;

                WMS, DNR – 1;                   County Clerk – 1;

                County Departments – 23;            NABA – 1

Summary prepared by KT (February 23, 2004)